Who is Happy Toil?

Or, how to pronounce my last name

Embody your values, not tactics

Hey there! Happy Toil is a solo web consultancy focused on helping organizations embody their values online without getting tangled up in all the amazing technologies available.

There are a thousand best practices to stop you from communicating clearly and succinctly. Fleshing out the stuff of your mission or business is a big job that can’t be done well while also juggling the sea of advice and digital tools for communicating it.

So I help you do that.

“Jordan was so easy to work with, and was able to understand our specific need and run with it.”

Heather Rabinowitz, Senior Manager of Communications at Northwestern Benefit 

My name is Jordan Mogck (măhk).

Jordan Mogck smiling in front of a piano

My skill set includes web design, web development, email strategy, and research. I also do quite a bit of writing, teaching, and 1:1 coaching.

There are a few good reasons to work with me if you’re in need of some digital service:

“Jordan is a great communicator, reliable and has a great turnaround time on the work he does.”

Kendra Wright, Owner and Lead Strategist at Rebel Media Agency

The intersection of work and pleasure

Many web design shops build their business model on the belief that volume and speed equate to profit. The result can be chaotic processes, overwhelmed clients, and inefficient spend. These companies have high turnover and depend on portfolios stuffed with similar looking templates to attract x number of clients as fast as possible.

An effect of modern economy has made it possible — advisable even — for professionals in digital services to operate as solo businesses, partnering with other practitioners where it makes sense. The benefit of this to you, is that financial waste (in the form of overhead) is drastically reduced compared to agency counterparts.

I believe an exchange of service between businesses worth any pride is one grounded in trust, reliability and affordability. Call me old fashioned. I also believe that the most rewarding business outcomes for my clients are the result of creative problem-solving, often skewing outside of industry norms.

An additional perk is that — like the family businesses of lore — the exchange of business with a solo business directly supports a person also doing work of caring for and supporting a family.