Upgrade Your MailChimp List

Fight email entropy

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Is your MailChimp account suffering from list entropy?

Duplicate and inconsistent data can kill your email budget and cause embarrassing mistakes in your automation efforts. Not to mention all of the subscribers you may be losing due to it.

Entropy may be a law of nature but as any gardener will tell you, it can be resisted with effort.


Get your list back on track and expect the following outcomes with this list management service:

The process

There’s nothing overly complicated about resisting list entropy, just some know-how and effort. After checkout, we’ll schedule an hour to touch base on your objectives and account information.

  1. Design a versatile list schema
  2. Combine disparate lists and organize into Groups
  3. Design a thoughtful Update Profile process
  4. Prioritize profile updates over unsubscribes


Pricing is based upon the volume of subscribers/contacts in your account.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is delightful email marketing software. Not sure whether you need email marketing software? If you ever need to send automated messages when someone donates to your cause, purchases from your e-commerce store, or signs up for information on your website you’d do well with MailChimp. If your organization would benefit from the ability to send newsletters to an email list, MailChimp does that and lets you easily design functional templates and track how many people opened or clicked links in your email. Plus, MailChimp has a great free-tier product.

Can you do this yourself?

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets in business and tinkering with your list comes with some risks and gotchas that could jeopardize its integrity. You may want to trust an expert for this job. That said, if you understand the concepts and capabilities of MailChimp, you could whip your list into shape on your own. It just may take longer.

Seem expensive?

If you’re going to invest in a communication channel, it should be email. Email converts leads to sales at about 2 – 5% on average (while social media is under 1%). And targeted emails generate 58% of all list revenue. In other words, investing in an organized list will pay for itself, if you have an ask to make.

Is my list big enough to benefit?

If you don’t have much revenue-making potential in your current list, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this service. But I would recommend some simple tips for starting your list on the right foot, so it can be an effective communication channel.


Prefer to talk through your specific situation before purchasing? I’m happy to help.

Get in touch.