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Upgrade Your MailChimp List

An email list is one of the most valuable assets in a business. On average, email lists return $38 for every $1 spent on them. And targeted emails generate 58% of all list revenue. In other words, investing in your email list sets you up for an improved bottom line and saner marketing efforts.

You can expect the following outcomes:

  • Reduced cost by eliminating redundant records in your MailChimp account
  • Better protection against unsubscribes with a thoughtful user preference journey
  • Easier list segmentation and automation workflows
Upgrade Your List

Side Products 101

Learn how to build simple tools your customers will love you for.

Small, designed-to-help tools are outpacing traditional marketing efforts — like blogging — in surprising ways. This guide will introduce the concepts of tiny side products while laying the foundation for getting started on your first one.

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The Digital Essentials Course for MPD

The mindset and methods for digital health in Ministry Partnership Development. You’ll get hours of video content, tutorials and webinars for a lifetime membership of $120.

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